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@GrubbiestCat dislike
I'll give it a month before your back.
you may talk to cald about it XD
Ill take your rank
mitty told me to tell everyone that im leaving.... so enjoy :) (bring back old SPG) XD
Technicphantom. is leaving us :(
I average between 70 and 120, 70 being La Trinite and 120 being spawn island with 60 people online. If you are only getting 20, you may need to check your startup parameters... or just your PC spec in general.
I get more than 20, must just be their computers
And yet people get 20fps on the server
Arma is not even using half the server's resources :p upgrading the physical server would change nothing.
ohhhhhhhhhhh boy
Before the attacks the server was shit don't think they will do it now
Server keeps getting attacked why dont you just upgrade the server? :idea: lol
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Server Status & News
ARMA 3: Malden Life 
TeamSpeak 3 

Web Store Update

jacob potty tag posted Sep 12, 17

Hello Ozzygaming Community

This is a quick notice to inform all of you of the new purchasable items from the webstore. As you have already seen we have added the custom messages shown below.

  • "victim" found out that the Illuminati was real, and is now no longer
  • "victim" Dropped the soap
  • "Killer" Authorized Lethals on "victim"
  • "victim" went for a swim with a toaster 


Now this is where things get even better. We have FINALLY added the custom vehicle skins sent in for the webstore competition. Shout out to Della for submitting these awesome skins. Below I have listed the new items, pictures of the new skins can be found within the webstore.

  • Hello Kitty Pack
  • Offroad Derby Pack
  • Offroad Services pack
  • The Simpsons Hatchback Pack
  • House of Horrors Hatchback Pack
  • Redgull Hatchback Pack
  • Powergaming Life Strider Pack
  • Woodland Strider Pack

ITS TIME TO ACT NOW.. Due to these awesome new items being added and your ongoing support we have decided we will be running a 20% off sale on all items within the webstore but act quick because the sale only lasts until the 24th of September.


[$] AciiDz/Sergei Hatchback skins are really nice..

Hi all,

Molotov's trial "Ask Me Anything" session got me thinking about doing a similar thing for the various sections of OzzyGaming... However, not via a TeamSpeak gathering.

As such, if you wish to ask a part of our community something, please find the following links to question submission pages.

Please note, the way this will work is questions will be gathered over a period of time, and then after that time, the questions will be handed over to the relevant department/people, who can then create a post answering the questions in a big batch.

Please keep questions PG and reasonable :) ... we reserve the right to remove any questions inappropriate for public viewing or made to troll.

AMA - Aaron Edition

Do you have any questions for Aaron (our founder)? Did you want to ask where he sees our community going or what his favourite food is? Any questions for him can be submitted via THIS link.

AMA - Admin Edition

Did you want to ask our admin team about something? You can do so via THIS link.
This is not a replacement for the support system. Ban appeals, compensation requests, etc still need to be done via the Support System.

AMA - Developers Edition

Want to know something about the ArmA or web development teams? Or even other general stuff - how to get started with coding, what programs they use, etcetera. You can ask them via THIS link.

AMA - Police Edition

Got a burning question for the police leadership team? You can ask them questions via THIS link.

AMA - Medic Edition

Got a burning question for the medic leadership team? You can ask them questions via THIS link.

OzzyGaming Malden Life

Molotov tag posted Aug 25, 17


OzzyGaming Malden Life Announcement


UPDATE: Release planned for Malden tonight. Please see the recent announcement from Aaron.

UPDATE #2 30/8/2017: We have resolved the FPS issue. More details located here.

Greetings OzzyGamers,

Rumours and speculation have been rampant on the server regarding the new map. I am happy to say that Malden Life is currently in good order with only minor work required. 

It has come time to announce that this weekend we will be releasing OzzyGaming Malden Life. (Exact day and time pending discussion with Aaron)

A massive amount of time and effort goes into development, hundreds of hours, stupidly late nights, and a healthy dose of swearing. I would like to thank my fellow developers for their time, effort and patience.

Malden Life was built from the Altis Life you all presently enjoy, however, we have made some changes to not only the map (obviously) but also content on the server. We will provide further information about the material changes when Malden is released.

As a teaser, I can confirm that there will be a KOS zone, a larger array of weapons to purchase as a civilian, a method to hack the police wanted list and more. For further details, you will have to wait for the release.

Some important information:

Starting money is a hotly debated topic, we have decided on a community effort to decide that value.

So, tell your friends, spread the word.


Molotov tag If anyone else has concerns with regard to their computer's performance, feel free to contact a developer who may b...
GOOMBIT My only problem with Malden is that on Altis i could get a steady 40 fps now i cant even get 5 fps. At least open a seco...
StoRm Well done to the Dev team for getting this up and running.

A change is coming.

Caldweld tag posted Aug 16, 17

[$] John Ox When are you planning to release Malden life?
[$] Barks So keen for this!

Hello Ozzygaming community

I would love to thank the OzzyGaming community for its ongoing and continued support during the past many month with that being said the OzzyGaming Donation Team has decided to run a webstore competition. We are looking for our most creative community and staff members to submit their best creations so we can expand our webstore for the whole community to enjoy.

The following list is the what we are looking for:

  • Skin Packs [either 3 skins or the same skin for 3 vehicles]
  • Individual Skin
  • Kill messages
  • Death messages
  • Respawn messages

To enter the competition please email with your skin/message along with your community name. There is no limit on how many entries you may place but please email each entry separately. This competition will run for one month [26/7/17], Once the month is up all submissions will be reviewed by staff and the winners will be drawn. There will be multiple winners If you are one of them You will receive your winning skin/message plus 14,000 points to spend on the webstore. If you have any enquiries about the competition please do not hesitate to contact me in TeamSpeak.


Thank you for your continued support of our awesome community.

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