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No Justin they died from radiation poisoning, please get it right
90% Player base now they dont play.
@ HEISENBURRRG. A lot of players got on the Server 1st day of map change and bought up some of the houses. about %60 of them players haven't played from when they bought the house :)
Lil Peep is the one that died not lil pumpy. 2 different people guys.
rip lil pumpy
rip lil pumpy
Unfortunately Crunchy that is the sad truth, all the other civilians died from radioactive poisoning when escaping Altis and that is why there is very a small population on Malden
How can they all be bought Barks when there is only 20 players? lmao
Must be all bought :)
i have 7mil but im fucking homeless
why are there no more houses?
we need more houses
Valence if you think you have it bad with dislikes just look at grub
Have to balance stuff like that, or add something in replacement.
You do not have access to shout.

These rules must be followed at all times.


NO Hacks


ALL Players Must Roleplay all engagements


NO Stealing any items out of ACTIVE entities.

We define active entities being any objects that consume or produce a resource. For example; Torches, Lamps, Workbenches, etc.


NO glitching into bases.

This includes:

  • Building just outside the area of influence to enable you to jump in.
  • Jumping ontop of players to jump over walls


NO Raiding or attacking of a guilds base without any of its member/s online.


NO Attacking or Killing Sleepers