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Banned topics:

  • Bans (submit a ticket)
  • Resolved helpdesk situations
  • Spam (eg. advertising youtube channels)
i have downs
servers up
Servers up
Server up
Servers up.
Server Updated
Holy shit... why is there like 5 hazza's now?!
i need healing
oi kray chuck us a few i genji main !
Anyone here play overwatch hmu, I got some code for crates or whatever.
Help... He said right before he lost his mind...
God is Dead, And you have killed him.
Well it was either that or he is advertising his new career as a massage therapist
If you cant wake up from a nightmare, maybe your not asleep.
You do not have access to shout.

These rules must be followed at all times.


NO Hacks


ALL Players Must Roleplay all engagements


NO Stealing any items out of ACTIVE entities.

We define active entities being any objects that consume or produce a resource. For example; Torches, Lamps, Workbenches, etc.


NO glitching into bases.

This includes:

  • Building just outside the area of influence to enable you to jump in.
  • Jumping ontop of players to jump over walls


NO Raiding or attacking of a guilds base without any of its member/s online.


NO Attacking or Killing Sleepers